Message from MKMA President

~~Dato’ Tang Chong Chin    

In conjunction with 43rd years of anniversary celebration schedule on 08th Sept 2018, it would be appropriate for us to deep dive into past, present and future stage of the association.            

 Full of appreciation and gratitude to the past.

1] The far vision & mission laid down by our founders; 

2] The dedicated past leadership and loyalty management team.

 Constantly face with the current & contemporary local and global challenges.

1] Minimum wage and manpower 

2] Rapid and unprecedented business environment

3] Global trade protectionism versus liberalism

Future Prospect ahead of us:

1] Intensive application of Industry 4.0 to sustain the Textile & Apparel Industries.

2] The combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Human Intelligence (HI) to amplify into Super Intelligence to bring the industries to the next milestone. 

3] The revolution of technologies, internet & web has change the landscape of supplier to buyer, Business to Business, Business to consumer & logistic dimension. 

Let us work together as a TEAM - Together Everybody Achieve More, and look forward for the greater success for the industries.

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