Minimum Wages in Apparel Manufacturing Countries

 Bangladesh has officially announced a 51% rise of its minimum wage at apparel plants, effective from December 1st. The Bangladeshi government has announced its decision to raise the minimum wage in apparel industry to 8,000 takas per month. 

Minimum wages have been sharply raised in the past years in other low-cost countries in Asia. Compared with January 2015, the minimum wage has been increased by 33% in Cambodia in only three years, rising 35% in China on average, and 25% in Pakistan. The minimum wage in Bangladesh remains the lowest of Asian countries. 

Although Sri Lanka has a similar minimum wage, most employees earn a far higher monthly salary in this country. Even in Myanmar, the minimum wage have been sharply increased from May 14th, 2018. From 108,000 kyat (USD142) per month, the minimum wage has surged to 144,000 kyat, up 33%. 

In Laos, the minimum wage has been sharply increased in May from 900,000 to 1.1 million kip (USD138) per month.

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