Malaysia's Import & Export of Textile & Apparel by HS 2D (Jan-April 2020)

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HS PRODUCT DESCRIPTION  Jan 一月   Feb 二月   Mar 三月   Apr 四月   Jan-Dec 一至四月 
2D    Import 进口   Export 出口   Import 进口   Export 出口   Import 进口   Export 出口   Import 进口   Export 出口   Import 进口   Export 出口 
  Total Exports of Textiles & Apparel 纺织品和服装         1,358,393,616         1,188,615,344                
  Total Exports of Fibers, Yarns, Thread & Fabrics 纤维、纱线和布料            624,303,185            596,882,170                
50 Silk 蚕丝                 2,495,436                    132,788                
51 Wool, Fine Or Coarse Animal Hair; Horsehair Yarn And Woven Fabric 羊毛和动物毛,马毛;所制成的纱线和梭织布                 6,728,067                 6,995,459                
52 Cotton 棉花            176,866,473              99,808,099                
53 Other Vegetable Textile Fibres; Paper Yarn And Woven Fabrics Of Paper Yarn 其他植物纤维;所制成的纱线和梭织布                    736,848                 1,191,211                
54 Man-Made Filaments 人造纤维长丝            124,211,253            149,968,697                
55 Man-Made Staple Fibres 人造纤维短纤;              56,304,560            106,474,116                
56 Wadding, Felt And Nonwovens; Special Yarns; Twine, Cordage, Ropes And Cables And Articles Thereof 填料、毡呢、不织布;特种纱、捻线、绳、索、缆及其制品              76,538,167              86,052,110                



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