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Malaysia's Export of Textile & Apparel to Japan by HS4D (YA2015 -YA2019)  Unit: in RM 
HS4D Product Description 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
  Total Exports Textile & Apparel to the World     11,897,563,414     12,064,336,197     13,331,910,792     13,209,207,324     13,838,870,759
  Total Exports Textile & Apparel to Japan          
  Fibers, Yarns, Thread & Fabrics           
5002 Raw Silk (Not Thrown).          
5003 Silk Waste (Including Cocoons Unsuitable For Reeling, Yarn Waste And Garnetted Stock)          
5006 Silk Yarn And Yarn Spun From Silk Waste, Put Up For Retail Sale; Silk-Worm Gut.          
5101 Wool, Not Carded Or Combed.          


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